Love Is…

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would write a post about love.

To celebrate the season of warm-n-fuzzies, I bring you a glimpse of what love looks like in the Hoy household. Here are some of the ways my husband has proven his love to me over the past year.

Love is…

Buying  Adult Diapers

diapsYou never really know how much someone loves you until you order them to go to the store and buy you diapers. This display of love doesn’t happen for some until they are much, much older. But in our relationship, it happened in March of 2016. Not only did Rhys supply me with adult diapers after the birth of our daughter, but he was very understanding about my desire to continue wearing them well beyond the time period they were needed.

Overlooking Incontinence


There were a great many things that I was unable to do without weeing myself this year. They ranged from walking down the street to laughing at a joke. Not only did my husband join me on this journey to learning my limits, but he didn’t ask many questions about the questionable stains on the carpet and the sudden need to immediately abort certain activities.

Mind Reading

Perhaps the most useful skill you can have as a husband is the ability to read your wife’s mind. As this skill is impossible to acquire, it’s best to just agree with whatever she seems to believe at the time. This is especially true during the months after she’s had a child because her mind becomes extremely changeable. This skill becomes even more valuable when your wife starts to talk about losing the baby weight, because you could really get hurt if you get in the way of her diet- but it can be equally as dangerous if you don’t provide chocolate at the correct intervals.



Sometimes, tough love is the best kind of love. It’s tough love over the past year that has kept me from doing insane things like taking my daughter to the emergency room because her cry was high-pitched or forcing her to breastfeed days after I’d given it up.

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