4 Ways Your 2nd Pregnancy Is Totally Different

Ahh, pregnancy. The feeling of a little life stirring in your belly. The tiny socks, the loving pats on your bump (from strangers), the vomit. It’s a magical time for everyone involved. As most of you are probably aware, I’m chipping away at my second pregnancy now and I have a few observations to share.

Veteran moms from all over the globe all had the same piece of advice for me when they found out I was brewing up another little Hoy.

“Every pregnancy is different” they said.

I assumed they were talking about morning sickness and the size of my bump, but a few months in I realized that the amused little twinkle in their eye as they said those wise words came from living out their own second pregnancy, during which time their dreams of being a pampered reproductive goddess were also shattered.

The Great Reveal

When we were pregnant with Hazel, we were so excited to tell everyone we knew and devised elaborate plans to videotape their reactions and create a montage that we could show her later in life. It provided us with months of excitement and we watched the tapes over and over during my pregnancy and the first year of her life (we didn’t have Netflix back then).

This time, we decided to do the same even though it sounded like a lot of work. But fair is fair, Β and we wanted this child to have the same wonderful video of the joy on our friends and family’s faces when they found out she existed.

However, a few tapes in, we realized this would not work and had to scrap the idea completely.

telling people

Sympathy Wanes

I also found that people were markedly less sympathetic to my pregnancy symptoms.


treatmentMy toddler was particularly lacking in the sympathy department.



Pregnancy Myths Revealed

Another interesting part of my second pregnancy was discovering that some of the things everyone seemed to think were so important during your first pregnancy didn’t really matter this time around.



Brutal Honesty

It seems that during your second pregnancy people also give up on trying to lie to you and make you feel better about what a giant whale of a person you’ve become.



So, to all of you second-time mamas who are ramping up for another glorious pregnancy of people fawning over you, carrying your bags and generally praising your every move- be warned. Every pregnancy is different.

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